Using The Whiteboard

This guide will show how to use the Whiteboard tool in Class Collaborate Ultra.

Accessing the Collaborate Panel

Image of the Blackboard Collaborate interface with an arrow pointing to the Collaborate Panel button.

To access the Whiteboard, you will need to open the Collaborate Panel. To open the Collaborate Panel, click on the purple button in the bottom right corner.

Sharing Content Using the Whiteboard

Sharing Content Using the Whiteboard
  1. In the Collaborate Panel, click on the Share Content tab.
  2. Select Share Blank Whiteboard.

Whiteboard Screen and Tools

Screen capture of class collaborate window with arrows pointing to the following items: 1. hand tool. 2. pointer. 3. zoom out. 4. zoom in. 5. resize. 6. drawing tool. 7. text tool. 8. line/shape tool. 9. download button. 10. clear button. 11. stop sharing button.

The image above shows how the whiteboard appears in Class Collaborate. On the left side are the Whiteboard view tools and on the right are the drawing tools.

View tools:

  1. Hand tool: The hand tool is the default tool, which allows the presenter to manipulate items on the whiteboard.
  2. Pointer: Clicking this button will turn the cursor into a pointer which can be seen by users.
  3. Zoom out: Click this button to zoom out.
  4. Zoom in: Click this button to zoom in.
  5. Fit button: Click this button to fit the whiteboard to the current page or the width of the current window.

Drawing Tools

  1. Drawing tool: Click the the pen tool to change between the drawing tool, the brush tool, or the eraser tool. These tools allow users to draw or erase content freehand.
  2. Text tool: The text tool allows users to type text on the whiteboard.
  3. Shape tool: The shape tool allows users to draw lines or shapes on the whiteboard.
  4. Download image: Click this button to download the whiteboard as an image file.
  5. Clear tool: Click this button to delete all whiteboard annotations.
  6. Stop Sharing: Click this button to stop sharing the whiteboard.