Locking the Course Room

By default, a premade Course Room that is always available resides in each course in which Blackboard Collaborate Ultra has been made available to. If you are not using the Course Room, you can lock it to prevent students from accessing the wrong session and reduce confusion. The instructions below will explain how to lock the Course Room.

Entering the Collaborate Ultra Portal

Screenshot of collaborate ulta link

Once you have clicked on the Collaborate Ultra link in either the Course Menu or in a Content Area, you should see the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra screen shown below.

Joining the Course Room

Joining the Course Room

By default, every Blackboard course has a Course Room that is enabled. This room is open 24/7, and to enter it, just click the Join room link that is available. However, if you do not want students to have access to a room that is open 24/7 or you would prefer to use scheduled sessions, you may lock  this room by following the steps below:

1. Click the Course Room Options button on the right side of you screen.

2. Select Disable course room.