Viewing Participant Video Feeds

This guide will demonstrate different ways to view participant audio and video. There are three participant layouts:

  • Speaker View: The presenter is given focus in the main presentation window, with other users shown on the bottom
  • Tiled view: The speaker is given focus in the main presentation window, with other users shown on the right.
  • Gallery view: Up to 25 participants at a time are shown in a grid format. Additional participants can be viewed on different pages.


Currently, the Gallery View is only available for moderators. If you wish for others to use the gallery view, you would want to give everyone in the session moderator access.

Gallery View must be enabled in the Collaborate Session Settings in order to use it.

Changing View Modes

To change the video display:

  1. Click on the Change View button
  2. Select the desired view mode (Gallery, Speaker, or Tiled)

With the Gallery View, up to 25 participants can be viewed at a time

  1. Use the arrow button to view additional video pages (if there are more than 25 attendees)
  2. Use the Magnifying Glass buttons to zoom in and out to view videos in more detail

Within the Gallery View, users can be managed by hovering over their square and clicking the button in the bottom right corner of the square. Users can send a chat message, change their role, make captioner, or remove the user from the session.

Speaker View

In the Speaker view, the attention is placed on the current speaker, and other participants are shown in a row below the video.

Tiled View

LIke the speaker view, the Tiled View puts the interest on the primary speaker. However, additional videos are tiled on the right of the main video.