In Preferences, each user has the ability to change the presenter name, where recordings are stored, when to view the Welcome Screen, and how to connect to the UT server for storing published videos.

Open the Personal Capture Software

Welcome screen for sotware with a red box around the Start Recording button

Click the Start Recording button.

Open Preferences

An arrow pointing to the preferences category for the software

Under the Echo360 Personal Capture category at the top of your screen, select Preferences.

General Tab

The general tab dialog box

1. This is where you can enter the name you want to use as an author for the video.

2. This is where you can change the folder where recordings are stored.

3. Choose whether or not to see the Welcome Screen when the software is started.

Server Tab

The server tab dialog box

The Echo360 Personal Capture software is automatically configured to publish to the Echo360 Active Learning Platform server. Users do not need to change any settings on this tab, and can simply leave the default setting to Auto.