Rooms Equipped for Lecture Capture

The following rooms across Main Campus and Health Science campus that contain the necessary equipment for recording in the classrooms. Other rooms may be equipped with Classroom Capture, but users would need to provide their own webcam and microphone in order to record content.

Rooms with Hardware

The list below consists of all classrooms with the Echo360 hardware, microphones, and cameras (unless otherwise indicated). Hardware capture will record content from the room even if the room computer has been logged out.

Health Science Campus:

BHS 375, 436A, 480

COB 1035, 1200, 1210, 1220, 1230

HEB 100, 105, 110

Main Campus:

BO 1099

CL 2024

Doermann Theatre

FH 1060, 2100 (no camera; room computer only)

GH 3050, 4700, 5200

HH 2301, 2303, 2305, Mock Courtroom

MH 1005

PL 3020

RH 1550, 1554, 1558

WO 1201 (no camera)

Rooms with Software

Other classrooms on campus with a room computer have Echo360 Classroom Capture software installed. The Classroom Capture software allows for both scheduled and ad-hoc (manually set up by the instructor) captures. In order for content to be captured, the room computer must be logged into prior to the scheduled start of the capture, and a webcam and microphone must be plugged in.