Deleting Content

This guide will demonstrate how to delete content from the library. Note: Deleting content will remove it from you library permanently. If content is associated with a class session, you will need to remove the content from that session before you can delete it.

Deleting Content

Image of a presentation with the following annotations: 1.Hover over the presentation you wish to edit, and click the button that appears in the upper right corner.2.Select Download or Download Original from the menu.

To delete content:

  1. Hover over the video or presentation you wish to delete, and click the button that appears in the upper right corner.
  2. Select Delete from the menu.

If downloading a video, you will then see a screen asking to download the audio or video components, as well as the quality of the download. You will then be asked to save the content to your computer.


Image of a dialog box with the heading Warning! and the text: Are you sure you want to delete this media? All references to this content in analytics, questions, notes, bookmarks, and confusion flags will also be removed. Bottom left is a cancel button. Bottom right is an OK button.

You will then be asked to confirm the deletion of the content. Click OK to confirm the deletion.