Session Roles

"Roles" refers to the type of access that someone has within a Collaborate Ultra session. The information below explains the four types of roles and what privileges each has.

Roles & Privileges

Moderator: Full control over all content being shared; can make any participant a presenter or moderator; see notifications and lower hands; alter participant permissions

Presenter: Allows participants to present without giving them full moderator privileges; can upload, share, edit, and stop sharing content; see notifications and lower hands

Participant: Enable and disable notifications; participate in a session using permissions that moderator allows (e.g., chat, microphone, drawing on whiteboard)

Captioner: Provided with an area to type what is being said so that other participants can view captions in real time

Only those with moderator privileges can turn on recording in sessions. Everyone in the course can view the recordings from any device with no view limits.