Viewing Media and Media Publication Information

This guide will demonstrate how to view publication information for a specific content item.

Accessing Content

Image of the Echo360 library with an arrow pointing to a video with instructions to click on a video to get a public link.

Click on the content thumbnail you wish to view publication information for.

Viewing the Media File

Image showing the media player, options, and information

You will now be able to see the media file you have uploaded.

  1. The media player will appear at the top.
  2. The player controls will appear below the media player.
  3. Below the media file are links to Share, Edit Media, Edit Transcript,  Add Poll, Edit Details, Make a Copy, Download, Archive, and Trash.
  4. Details: Details related to the media file can be accessed using this tab.
  5. Publishing: Information about where the media file has been published to can be accessed using this tab.
  6. Analytics: Analytics related to the media object can be found on this tab.
  7. Activity: All activity related to the video can be accessed through this tab.