Live Sessions in Echo360 Universal Capture

This guide will demonstrate how to record live Echo360 sections where students can watch in real time. Additional information regarding Live Streaming can be found here.

Students can use the Q&A feature to interact. The live video in Echo360 is one way. If you wish for two way audio and video interactions, consider using Collaborate Ultra, WebEx, or Teams.

Live sessions must be published to an Echo360 course section

The maximum length for a live session is four hours.

Setting Up Live Capture Information

You will now see a screen similar to the one above. In order to start a live session, you will need to edit the capture information, select a course to publish to, and enable live streaming. To edit capture information, click on Untitled > Library at the top or On Demand Capture below the Record button.

Editing Capture Details

To set up capture information for Live Captures:

  1. Title: Enter a title for the capture here
  2. Description: Enter a description for the capture here.
  3. Tags: Add tags to categorize the recording
  4. Quality: Select the level of quality for the video
  5. Publish to: Select the Echo360 course and section you wish to publish the video to.
  6. Class: Select New Class to create a new class for the video, or Existing Class to add the video to a classroom that has already been created.
  7. Live Stream: Check this box to enable live streaming.
  8. Click Save to save the capture details.

Starting a Live Capture

  1. Left Video: Use the dropdown menu to select the source for the left video channel
  2. Right Video: Use the dropdown menu to select the source for the right video channel
  3. Audio: Use the dropdown menu to select your microphone. The bars below will indicate the volume level
  4. Click the Record button to begin recording. the system will count down from 5 and then will minize to the system tray and the recording will begin.

Pausing and Ending

During recording, the software will minimize to the system tray. Click on the system tray icon to bring up the player when you are ready to end or pause the session.

  1. Click the Stop button to stop the recording and publish it.
  2. Click the Pause button to pause the recording. When you are ready to begin, click the record button again to resume recording.
  3. Click the Cancel button to discard the recording.

Finishing Up

After you end the recording, the system will upload the recording to the server. You will see a progress bar and the words Upload in Progress. You can click the Close button to exit the capture software.

When the capture is finished uploading, you can click the "Click to view" link to view the capture, or click Close to exit the program.