What are Echo360 Collections?

Collections serve as individual repositories of media uploaded into the Echo360 Active  Learning Platform. Collections are handy for sharing multiple media items with two or more people outside of a session. For example, if an academic program wishes to create a shared repository of videos; the Collections feature in Echo360 would be an effective way to manage content.

This guide will demonstrate how to access and set up Collections in the Echo360 Active Learning Platform

Accessing Collections

To access Echo360 Groups, log into the Echo360 platform and click the Collections link at the top of the page.

In your Echo360 Account, click on Collections at the top to access the Collections page. If you have not created or are not a member of any groups, you will see a message on the page saying "You currently have no groups" and you

The Collections page allows you to access and manage collections that you are enrolled in.

Users can perform the following action on the Collections page:

  1. Search: Use the search bar to search groups by name.
  2. Filter: Click this button to filter collections by specific criteria.
  3. Sort by: Use the selector to choose which attribute to sort collections by
  4. + Collection:  Click on this button to create a new group.
  5. Collections: Collection thumbnails will appear here. Click on a collection name to access it.