Managing Collection Content

This guide will demonstrate how to manage content that has been uploaded to a Collection.

Accessing Echo360 Collections

Image showing how to access collection settings

To access Collections and manage media in Echo360:

  1. Click on Collections at the top of the page
  2. Hover over the collection you wish to manage and click the button in the bottom right corner of the collection box.

Collection Management Options

Image showing collection management menu options

These following options are available for managing a content collection:

  1. View: Choose this option to view the contents of the collection
  2. Share: Choose this option to share the collection with another user.
  3. Edit Details: Choose this option to edit the collection information
  4. Delete: Choose this option to delete the  collection.

Managing Collection Items

Image showing media managment menu options
  1. Click on the button with three dots in the bottom corner of the video thumbnail to access additional options. This will open a menu with the following options:
  2. View: Select this option to view the video
  3. Make a Copy: Select this option to copy the video.
  4. Share: Select this option to share the video as a link or to an Echo360 course section.
  5. Edit Media: Select this option to open the media editor.
  6. Edit Details: Select this option to edit the media title or description.
  7. Add Poll: Select this option to add a poll to the video.
  8. Edit Transcript: Select this option to edit the video transcript.
  9. Download: Select this option to download a copy of the video to your computer.
  10. Remove: Select this option to remove the video from the current collection.