Viewing Live Captures

This capture will demonstrate how to access live captures within an Echo360 section.

Accessing live captures

To access live captures in Echo360, open your Echo360 section home, and locate the live session you wish to access. The live session will be indicated by a green dot to left of the session title and the word Live to the right of title.

Start Viewing a Live Stream

When the live stream is ready to start, click the Show Live Stream button in the bottom left corner.

Viewing a Live Stream

  1. During a live stream, users can use the Q and A feature to interact with others
  2. Use the Confusion Flag to flag a particular section as confusing
  3. Volume: Use this to adjust the volume level
  4. Sources: Use this button to change video sources
  5. The button in the bottom right corner allows you to change between picture in picture, side by side, or tiled views.
  6. Use the forward button to catch up to the current spot in the live feed in the event of latency
  7. Hide LIve Stream: Click this button to minimize the live stream.

Ending the Live Stream

When the live stream ends, you will see a screen similar to above indicating that the live stream has ended.