Echo360 Universal Capture Troubleshooting

This guide will outline some common issues with the installation and use of Echo360 Universal Capture: Personal and how to resolve the issue

Administrative Rights

In order to install Echo360 Capture software on your computer, you must have administrative rights to your computer. If you do not have administrative rights, you would need to contact your system administrator for assistance with installing the software.

The Mac version of Universal Capture: Personal is not yet compatible with newer Apple devices that use the Apple M1 Chip.

The Echo360 Universal Capture Installation has encountered a problem

In the event you receive a screen  upon opening Universal Capture: Personal with an exclamation point and a message: Universal Capture Installation has encountered a problem, restart your computer and try accessing the program again. If you continue to not be successful with this, reinstall the software and then restart the computer.

In addition, anti malware software may interfere with the Echo360 capture program. In the event of this, open your anti malware software and disable it. Once you have finished with using Universal Capture, be sure to reenable the anti malware software to reduce risks to your computer

Video Permissions Issue

In order to record video using Echo360 Universal Capture, permission must be given in the operating system settings to allow capturing from the webcam and screens.

Setting up permissions on MacOS, Step 1
  1. Click on the Apple logo in the upper left hand corner of your screen
  2. Select System Preferences from the menu

Setting up permissions on MacOS, Part 2

In the System Preferences menu, click on the Security and Privacy  icon.

Enabling Permissions

  1. Click the lock icon to  make changes. You may also be prompted to enter your system password in order to make changes.
  2. Locate the Camera, Microphone, and Screen Recording options from the left. You will need to select each option individually.
  3. Locate Echo360 Capture on the right and check the checkbox to the left of the item to allow permission.

Setting up permissions on Windows

Open the Start Menu and then click on the Settings cog and select Privacy from the menu

Setting Permissions on Windows

  1. On the left, select Camera under the App Permissions section (repeat this process for audio and screen sharing)
  2. click Change under allow Access to the Camera on this Device
  3. Under Allow Apps to access your camera, change this to On

Scroll down until you get to allow Desktop Apps to Access the Camera and change this to On.

Camera Image is Blacked Out

Some computers include a built in shutter over the webcam. Check to make sure the shutter is open. Some other laptop models may have a button or switch on the side of the machine or on the keyboard that turns the camera on and off.

Lenovo laptops with Lenovo Vantage installed require additional permission settings within Lenovo Vantage in order to access the webcam and microphone. More information about accessing the camera on Lenovo devices can be found here.

Error Message After Downloading Universal Capture for Mac

For Mac Download (Intel) and Mac Download (Apple Silicon) if you receive this error, please uninstall by dragging the application to the trash can.

If you receive the message again, please follow these steps  on this link: