Viewing Results for Embedded Interactive Media Objects

This guide will demonstrate how to view poll results for videos with embedded interactive polls.

Accessing Poll Results, Part 1

Within your Echo360 library:

  1. Locate the video you wish to view poll results for and click the button with three dots in the bottom right corner of the video thumbnail.
  2. Click View from the menu that appears.

Accessing Poll Results, Part 2

You will now see the video on screen. Select the Polling tab below the video to see the polling results.

Viewing Poll Results

  1. Overview: An overview of the poll results will be displayed here.
  2. Course: Use the dropdown menu to view results for a specific course the poll was deployed in.
  3. Poll Question: Use the dropdown menu to view overall results for all questions to to view responses for a specific poll question.
  4. Polls: The number of responses for each poll question will be shown here
  5. Student responses: Responses per student will be shown here. To view an individual student's response, click on their name.

Viewing a Student's Response

After clicking on an individual student, you will be able to view that student's responses to individual poll questions.