Selecting a Thumbnail Image

This guide will demonstrate how to insert a custom thumbnail image. The thumbnail image will show in the library as well as in the embedded video player.

Editing A Video

Image of a thumbnail of an echo360 video showing the button in the upper right hand corner of the video, with an arrow pointing to it and arrows indicating to click the button. An arrow is pointing to the Edit Video option in the menu with instructions to select edit video

From the content library, hover over the video you wish to edit, click the button in the bottom right hand corner of the video thumbnail, and choose Edit Media from the menu that appears.

Inserting a Thumbnail, Method 1

The first method to insert a thumbnail is to move the blue media cursor to the segment of the filmstrip for which you want to set as the thumbnail

Move the blue video cursor to the desired section of the filmstrip you wish to use as a thumbnail and click the menu button in the cursor.

Select Set Thumbnail from the menu.

You will now see a screen similar to the one above pop up.

  1. Choose either the current cursor location or Custom image (more information on custom images are available in the Selecting a Custom Thumbnail Image section)
  2. Select Set Thumbnail to save the video thumbnail.

Inserting a Thumbnail, Method 2

The second method makes use of the Actions button to set the thumbnail

  1. Move the cursor to the desired area of the filmstrip you wish to use as the thumbnail image
  2. Click on the Actions button
  3. Select Set Thumbnail from the menu.

Selecting a Custom Thumbnail Image

To select a custom thumbnail, click the Select File to Upload button on the Choose New Thumbnail popup.

You will then see the file selection screen. Select the file source from the left and click Select Files to Upload to select a file.

You will then be able to crop or rotate the selected image to serve as  a thumbnail. The crop box is proportioned for the video player. When finished, click the Crop button.

Click the Upload button to upload the cropped screen capture as the video thumbnail.

Once the thumbnail has been uploaded, click Set Thumbnail to save the image as the video thumbnail.

Reverting to Default Thumbnail

Actions menu

If you want to revert to the default video thumbnail, click the Actions button and then choose Set Thumbnail from the menu.

On the Choose New Thumbnail popup, click Revert to Original to return to the default thumbnail.