What is EchoVideo Browser Capture?

This guide provides an overview of EchoVideo's web browser-based capture tool and its features.

Introduction to EchoVideo Browser Capture

EchoVideo Browser capture is a web browser-based utility which allows users to record video without having to install software. This is handy for when you are on a device for which you do not have administrative rights to install software, or are using a device that is not compatible with Universal Capture

Browser Capture Requirements

In  order to use the browser capture, you may need to give your web browser and/or operating system permission to use your microphone and camera. You must also not have EchoVideo open in private/incognito mode within your web browser. In order to use browser capture, your device must be connected to the Internet (i.e. offline mode is not supported).

Browser Capture and Universal Capture Comparison

EchoVideo offers two options for recording videos for end users, Browser Capture and Universal Capture: Personal.  Both options offer different features. Browser Capture offers ease of use and the ability to capture video on devices that may not be able to run Universal Capture. Universal Capture offers additional features, and well as the ability to record content offline.

Echo360 provides a table comparing the available features of Browser Capture and Universal Capture