Editing Notification Settings

This guide will demonstrate how to edit notification settings in EchoVideo.

Note: All notification settings are turned off for default. In order to view notifications, instructors must enable notification settings in their Echo360 Account.

Accessing Notification Settings

Image of notifications options available in EchoVideo

In order to view notifications in EchoVideo, users must turn notification settings on first.

  1. To open the Notifications Settings, click on the bell icon on the top of the page.
  2. To turn on notifications for actions related to content,  click on the slider on the top right. This will turn on all notification settings, and individuals can then turn off individual settings.
  3. Under the heading, Notify Me About, users can use the checkboxes to enable notifications when specific user types make changes to content. The available options include System, Administrators, Other (e.g. teaching assistants or schedulers, and Me (actions performed by the user)
  4. Processing Started: Users can toggle when media processing starts and be notified if actions are successful or unsuccessful.
  5. Processing Complete: Users can receive notifications when media processing has completed and is ready for viewing or editing.
  6. Transcripts and/or Captions: Users can receive notifications when transcripts or captions are available for media files.
  7. Management: Users can enable or disable notifications for when media objects are deleted, edited, or archived.
  8. Engagement: Users can enable or disable notifications for when users interact with content (e.g. ask questions or raise confusion flags)