Publishing Content to an Echo360 Section

This guide demonstrates how to publish a video or a presentation to a course. To move content between courses, you would need to use this process to move your content to the new course.

Publishing Content to a Course, Part 1

Image of a presentation with the following annotations: 1.Hover over the presentation you wish to edit, and click the button that appears in the lower right corner.2.Select Share from the menu.

To publish content to a course:

  1. Hover over the video or presentation you wish to publish, and click the button that appears in the lower right corner.
  2. Select Share from the menu.

Publishing Content to a Course, Part 2

You will now see a screen labeled Share Settings:

  1. To publish to a course, select Class at the top of the screen.
  2. Use the dropdown menu to select the course.
  3. Select the corresponding term and section you wish to publish to.
  4. To publish a new lecture or video, select New Class, and enter the name of the video and date and time of the class period. Class description is optional. Note: if you already created a placeholder for this video in your Echo Section, you can select Existing Class.
  5. Make available: Choose when you would like to make the item available to students (Now, On a specific date, or Don't make available).
  6. Make unavailable: Choose when you would like to make the item unavailable to students (Never, or On a specific date).
  7. When finished, click the Share button to publish the content to the class.

With Echo auto provisioning, your course will typically pull the name as it appears in Blackboard, including the course term and section number, as pictured above. When choosing Term and Section number in Echo, you should choose the current term and 001 for Section, as these are the defaults for every auto provisioned Echo section, unless you have a cloned section you are using for the semester. This will happen each time you create a new LTI link in your Bb course; continue through the prompts with current term and the section you are using (001 or cloned section name) to link to individual Echo sessions or the section home (list of all videos).