Creating a Public Link

This guide will demonstrate how to create a public link to a video that anyone can view. Note: No analytic data is captured from unauthenticated users accessing public links.

The option to create a link is only available for video files, and is not available for presentation files.

Creating a Public Link will enable video and audio download options for users who access the link.

Accessing Videos

Image of the Echo360 library with an arrow pointing to a video with instructions to click on a video to get a public link.
  1. To generate a public link for a video, hover over the video you wish to create a link for and click the [...] in the bottom right corner of the video thumbnail.
  2. Select Share from the menu that appears.
Image of the Sharing screen with an arrow pointed to the Add Public Link button.

You will now see a dialog box labeled Share To:

  1. Select the Links option from the left panel.
  2. Click the Create Link button to create a new link.
Image of the Share a Link screen

You will now see the following items on screen:

  1. Link: The link for the video will appear here. Click the Copy button to copy the link shown to the clipboard.
  2. Public Access: A magenta indicator indicates that users can watch the video without logging in. You can disable this option if you wish to require students to log in to Echo360 in order to view contents.
  3. Start at: Click the button and enter the desired start time to start the video from a designated start time
  4. Description: Enter a description for the video here.
  5. Click the Done button when finished.