Viewing Videos and Presentations in Echo360

This guide will demonstrate how to view video content within Echo360.

Accessing your Course List

To access your course list:

  1. Click on the Courses link on the top of the screen.
  2. Select the course from the list you wish to work with.

Entering a Classroom

You will now see all available class sessions or classrooms within the selected course. To enter a classroom, click on the name of the class section you wish to enter.

Using the Video Player

Below is an overview of the Echo360 Video Player:

  1. Exit Classroom: Click on the name of the content item in the upper right hand corner to exit the current classroom or to select a different classroom.
  2. Q & A: Click on the Q & A button to open the Question and Answer Panel
  3. New Question: Click the New Question button to ask a new question.
  4. Confusion: Hover over the Confusion Flag to see if any students have flagged the current segment of the video as confusing.
  5. At the bottom of the screen is the player controls, which allow the users to start and stop the videoo. Users can click anywhere on the player filmstrip to access a specific point in the video.
  6. Volume: Click on this button to adjust the volume.
  7. Sources: Click here to view to toggle between different video and presentation views.
  8. Closed Captioning: Click this button to turn on captions for the video (if enabled)
  9. Options: Click this button to change between video quality settings (Standard-definition or high-definition), and modify the video playback speed.
  10. Media Display: Click this button to toggle between picture in picture, side view, or tiled video views.

Below is an overview of how to navigate a presentation in Echo360: Note: The video will play as a thumbnail while viewing the presentation.

  1. Use the arrows on the slide edges. navigate between the slides. Users must manually advance the slides when viewing the presentation live.
  2. To jump to a slide, click on the slide number to bring up the slide selector.
  3. To hide the current slide from students, click Hide.
  4. Click on the button with the two arrows to view the slideshow in full screen.
  5. Click the X button to exit the presentation view.

Conducting an Interactive Activity

This step will show how to conduct an interactive activity:

  1. For multiple choice, short answer, and numerical responses, students can text their answer using the number provided.
  2. Submissions: The number of students who have submitted a response will appear here.
  3. Close Activity: Click on the Hand button to close the activity and students cannot send additional responses.
  4. Show Results: Click on the Graph button to display the activity results
  5. Show Solution: Click this button to reveal the solution to students.
  6. Reset Activity: Click this button to clear all responses.