Echo360 Automatic Section Creation and Linking in Blackboard

This guide will demonstrate how to  automatically create and associate an Echo360 Section with your Blackboard course site.

  1. Go to the hidden content area in your course labeled "Lecture Capture (Echo360).
  2. Click the Echo360 link inside the content area.

Note: The Echo360 link in the course menu is hidden to students by default. In order for students to see the content, the link will need to be unhidden. Instructions can be accessed here.

Adding a New Section, Part 1

Click on the link to Echo30 you had just created in the previous step. You will then be asked to link to a current or future term.

Adding a New Section, Part 2

You will now be taken to the blank home page of your automatic Echo course section. You can start adding content by clicking the New Class button. If you have requested scheduled sessions, you will see a list of scheduled recordings for the class.

If you are creating your own ad hoc lectures, you will also need to download Universal Capture and follow the guide for publishing lectures to your course(s).