Cloning Echo360 EchoVideo Sections for Instructors

This guide will demonstrate how to clone an existing section to reuse content in Echo360 in your current site.

Important! If you are wanting to reuse section content from a previous Echo section in your current course, you will first need to generate an Echo360 section  The automatically generated section will be indicated with the section number 001.

After cloning your previous Echo360 section, you will end up with two sections for the current course. To easily identify the cloned section, it is helpful to give the section a name that you can easily identify

Section Cloning Process Overview

Flow chart showing Echo360 Section Cloning Process: 1. Create new auto section in Echo360 by accessing the Echo360 link in your current Blackboard Site. 2. Access Existing Echo360 Section and clone the section. 3. Assign the cloned section to the current term and course and enter new section name. 4. Create new Echo360 link in current course and link to the cloned section.

Selecting an Echo360 Section to Clone

Image of Echo360 Course List

To access the section you wish to clone:

  1. Click on Courses at the top of the screen
  2. Select the course you wish to clone from the list.

Cloning a Section

Image of the features page under section settings

After opening the desired section:

  1. Click the Settings link at the top of the page
  2. Click the Features link on the side.
  3. Click on the Clone Section button at the bottom of the page.

Entering the Cloned Section Information

Image of cloning section dialog box

You will now see a dialog box labeled Clone Section:

  1. New Section Name: Enter a new section name here for the cloned section. We suggest the actual section number (such as 901, 911, 002, etc) of your course or something similar to distinguish it from the automatic section (all auto sections are 001). 
  2. Term: Select the current term for the term (e.g. 202130-Summer 2021)
  3. Course: Select the alphanumeric subject code for the course you want to associate the cloned section with (this will be a long title that includes the current term, as well)
  4. Select the desired option for establishing a new date pattern for content items within the Echo360 section (no date/time is most common)
  5. Click the Clone button to set up the cloned setting.

When choosing the Course, be sure to choose the auto generated name associated with the original auto section. This name will mirror the original Blackboard Course Name (e.g. 2020:4 Fall, ACTG1040:002 Prin of Financial Accounting) in Blackboard as part of the Echo auto provisioning feature.  You can enter an easily identifiable name in your cloned Section Name, such as the alphanumeric of your course.

Linking your Cloned Section, Part 1

image showing Blackboard tools menu with Echo360 option highlighted

To link your cloned section:

  1. Click the Tools link at the top of the content area for which you wish to add the link to the section to.
  2. Select Echo360 from the menu.

Linking you Echo360 section, Part 2

To create the Echo360 link:

  1. Enter a name for your Echo360 link
  2. Enter a description
  3. Click Submit to create the link.

Once you have the link created, click on the link in the content area.

Selecting a Term

Select the term you wish to link to and then click the Create Echo360 Section button

To link to your cloned section home page:

  1. Select Link to Section Home Page
  2. Select the cloned section to link to from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click Continue to create the section home page.

Now that the link has been established and the section has been cloned, instructors will need to re-establish a new link in their new course.  The first link that was created may be hidden or deleted.