Using Echo360 Browser Capture

This guide will demonstrate how to record videos using the Echo360 Browser Capture Utility. For more information about using the tool to determine if it will suit your needs, please refer to the What is the Echo360 Browser Capture Tool guide.

Accessing Echo360 Browser Capture

Image of the user interface with an arrow and annotation instructing users to click the Create button, and another arrow pointing to New Browser Capture in the open Create menu with instructions to Select New Browser Capture.

Log into, and within the top menu, click the Create button and select New Browser Capture from the menu that appears.

Setting Up the Echo360 Browser Capture

image of the allow use of webcam and microphone web browser dialog box.

Your web browser may ask for permission to use your camera and microphone. Select the device you wish to use and click Allow (This image may appear different based on the web browser you are using)

Image of the Echo360 Browser Capture Utility with a preview video feed on the left, and the following options on the right: 1. Title 2. Camera 3. Screen 4. Microphone with audio graphic, and 5 Record button.

Once you have opened the Browser Capture utility, you will see a screen similar to the one above, with a preview of the video feed shown on the left, and the following options on the right:

  1. Title: Enter a title for your capture here
  2. Camera: Click on this option to select a camera to record with.
  3. Screen: Click on this option to select which screen or open application to record
  4. Microphone: The graphic will show your microphone volume, and you can click on the button to select which microphone you wish to use (Your web browser may ask for permission to record your screen).
  5. Once you have set up your recording inputs, click the round Record button to start recording your video.

Capturing Video

Image of an in progress recording with the in progress capture on the left and the capture controls on the right as follows: 1. Timer 2. Stop button 3. Pause button 4. Cancel button.

While you are recording your current session, your screen will appear similar to the image above. On the left, you will see a what is being recording, and on the right are the recording controls:

  1. Timer: The timer will show the elapsed time in the recording.
  2. Stop: Press the Stop button to stop recording.
  3. Pause: Press the Pause button to pause the recording. Press the button again to resume.
  4. Cancel: Press the X button to cancel the recording


Finishing Up

Image of the recording being uploaded.

Once you have finished the recording, you will see a screen similar to the one above with the message: Uploading: Please don't close your browser.

Do not close the web browser window/tab until the the screen says Done! Your recording is being processed now.

Image of the recording complete screen with annotation 1 bullet for the video preview, annotation 2 bullet for the Start Another Recording button and annotation bullet 3 for the Download button.

Once the recording has been uploaded, (1) you will be able to preview the recording. You can also (2) start another recording, or (3) download the current recording.