Rooms Equipped for Lecture Capture

Classroom Support Services publishes lists of classroom technology capabilities, including Echo360 lecture capture. Please review theirMain Campus General Purpose Classroom Data and HSC Classroom Datalists located at the top of the Classroom Support Services Website for the most up to date information on which general purpose classrooms haveEcho360.If you are scheduled to teach in a classroom maintained by your college, please reach out to your college for information regarding supported technologies and available equipment.

If you would like to schedule recording of your classes in an Echo360-enabled room, please follow the instructions in our Schedule an Automatic Capture guide.

Rooms with Software

All general purpose classrooms are equipped with Echo360 Universal Capture: Classroom and webcams for scheduled and ad hoc captures. For scheduled captures, faculty MUST log into the room computer for the scheduled recording to start. If faculty want to do an ad hoc recording, they can open the Echo360 Capture software on the computer to start a recording. The software will record for 2 hours by default, which can be extended if needed.

Note: Rooms with software capture will only capture the room computer. It will not capture personal computers plugged into the guest VGA/HDMI ports in the room

In Echo360 Universal Capture Classroom software classrooms, the computer needs to not only be powered up but also logged in before scheduled capture will automatically start.  If instructor logs in late, capture will start at login and run until scheduled end of capture automatically.  Capture must be allowed to complete and upload to Echo360 system before instructor logs out of computer.  This will take about a minute after scheduled end of capture. Failing to do so will result in loss of capture.  If an instructor needs to verify the status or end capture early for a capture in a UC software capture classroom they can open The Echo360 Universal Capture software from Programs and see status of capture or by clicking white, square "Stop" button can end capture early.  If ending capture early instructor must wait a minute or so to allow capture to finalize and upload to Echo360 system before hey close software or logout of the classroom computer..  Failing to do so will result in loss of capture making it unrecoverable.

Rooms with Hardware

This list contains a list of all classrooms that have Echo360 hardware capture).  Classrooms with Echo360 hardware can typically capture all devices routed to the projector (including guest devices and document cameras.) If you are in a classroom with an Echo360 POD device, you can perform an ad hoc capture by pressing the red Record button on the device. After performing an ad hoc capture, contact UToledo Online support to associate the video with your Echo360 account.

Health Science Campus:

BHS 375, 480

COB 1035, 1200

HEB 100, 105, 110

Main Campus:

CL 2024

FH 1060, 2100

GH 3050, 4700

HH 2301, 2305, Mock Courtroom

MH 1005

PL 3020

RH 1546, 1550, 1554, 1558

WO 1201