Deleting a Class

This guide will demonstrate how to delete a class session. Note: Deleting a classroom will delete all analytics, recordings, activities, and interactions associated with that classroom.

Accessing your Course List

Image of the Echo 360 Active Learning Platform showing the following annotations: 1.Click on the Courses link at the top of the screen.2.Select See all courses from the menu that appears.

To access your course list:

  1. Click on the Courses link on the top of the screen.
  2. Select the course you wish to access.

Deleting a Classroom

Image of the Classes screen in Echo360 showing the class list on the right with an arrow pointing to a class session with instructions to click on a class sesson. On the left, an arrow is pointing to the Delete Class button with instructions to click on the Delete Class button.

You will now see all available class sessions or classrooms within the selected course. To delete a classroom, locate the classroom you wish to delete and click the Delete button (indicated by a trash can icon). You will then be asked to confirm the deletion.