Viewing Activity Results

This guide will demonstrate how to access and view the results from individual interactive activities.

Accessing your Course List

Image of the Echo 360 Active Learning Platform showing the following annotations: 1.Click on the Courses link at the top of the screen.2.Select See all courses from the menu that appears.

To access your course list:

  1. Click on the Courses link on the top of the screen.
  2. Select the course you would like to access.

Accessing Activities

1.In the Course view, click on the Polling tab.2.Use the top dropdown menu to select which class session you would like to view.3.Select Activities from the dropdown menu

To access the results from an interactive activity, click on the Polling link at the top of the class page.

Viewing Activity Results

Image of the activity results with the following items: 1.Use the dropdown menu to select which activity you would like to view.2.The activity question, answers, and the frequency each option was selected will appear here.3.Results per student appear here.
  1. Overview: An overview of student performance on all poll items in the section is shown here.
  2. Lesson: Use the dropdown menu to select the desired lesson to view results for.
  3. Poll Question: Select which poll question you wish to view results for from the list.
  4. Polls: A  summary of poll responses will appear here.
  5. Student Responses: Poll responses per student for the selected poll will appear here.