Embedding Echo Video in UCV

This article will cover how to embed an EchoVideo to Blackboard Ultra Course View.

This guide is for Blackboard Ultra Course View. For instructions in Blackboard Original, go to the guide for Original Course View.

Image of plus sign

Select the plus sign.

Content can be added above or below other content by hovering above or below to select the plus sign. In this example content is being added above the content Getting Started.

Image of content market

Select Content Market.

Image of echo360 media for ultra courses only

Select Echo360 Media Embed (for Ultra Courses Only).

Image of choose existing content, create content, or upload content

1. Choose Existing Contentet from EchoVideo Library.

2. Create Content by using web-based or desktop application Universal Capture.

3. Upload Content from your computer or cloud based service.

Choose Existing Content

Image of launch media picker

Select Launch Media Picker.

Image of filter options or recent content

1. Filter through videos from Type or Date.

2. Select from the list of videos.

Image of next

Select Next.

Image of embed

Select Embed.

Image of content area

Blackboard will go back to the Content and the video will be embedded.

Create Content

Image of launch universal capture or launch browser capture

Select either Launch Universal Capture to use the Universal Capture desktop application or select Launch Browser Capture to create content via the web.

For more information on how to create content please visit Universal Capture or Browser Capture.

Upload Content

Image of upload media

Select Upload Media from a computer or cloud based storage.

Image of upload selections

1. Upload from My Device, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive Business, or Box.

2. Drag and Drop a file or Copy and Paste a file.