Understanding the Home Page

The Home Page is the first page instructors see when logged into the Echo360 Video Platform. This guide will explain each section of the Home Page.

Home Page Overview

Image of the Echo360 landing page with navigation options.

Below is an overview of the Echo360 home page:

  1. Library: This is the default landing page for Echo360.org. This is a library of all of your Echo360 content, which includes any content you've created as well as any shared with you by other faculty or users.
  2. Courses: Click the Courses link to view all Echo360 course sections you are enrolled in. These are the course sections associated with the Blackboard link function.
  3. Collections: Click this option to view or create content collections.
  4. Analytics: Click this button to access all analytics for all of your published content.
  5. Create: Click this button to record* or upload videos. (*Download of Universal Capture required to record new videos).
  6. Settings: Click the Settings (gear) icon to access software downloads and modify other settings.
  7. Notification settings: Click on the bell icon to modify Echo360 notification settings.
  8. User Account: Click the User Account icon to change roles (e.g. student/instructor) or log out.
  9. Search: Use the search bar to search content or courses.
  10. Filter: Click this button to filter search results.
  11. Echo360 Resource Center: Click this button in the bottom right corner for the Echo360 Resource Center, which contains help articles, walkthroughs and videos, and upcoming events.

Your Echo360 library is private to you. Only content published to courses or shared with others can be viewed by select recipients (i.e. direct shares or students enrolled in courses with linked content).