Editing Videos Online - Overview

EchoVideo provides an online editor which allows users to edit videos uploaded to EchoVideo. This guide will provide an overview of the editing options and use cases for editing videos.

Interactive media (Videos with embedded polling activities) cannot be edited.  Edits are limited to adding or removing polling activities. If you wish to edit the video component of the interactive media, you would want to locate the video you used for the interactive media and edit the video.

Using the EchoVideo Online Editor

The EchoVideo online editor allows users to make the following types of edits:

The Save As option can be used to create multiple versions of the video you are editing. For example, multiple copies can be made for creating shorter clips from a longer video, or the original version can be preserved along with an edited version of the video.

Additional information about video editing can be found in EchoVideo's support article on editing videos.

Editing A Video

Image of a thumbnail of an echo360 video showing the button in the upper right hand corner of the video, with an arrow pointing to it and arrows indicating to click the button. An arrow is pointing to the Edit Video option in the menu with instructions to select edit video

From the content library, hover over the video you wish to edit, click the button in the bottom right hand corner of the video thumbnail, and choose Edit Media from the menu that appears.

Video Editor Overview

screen shot of the Echo video editor with numbered items to indicate features of the interface

Above is an image of the video editor.

  1. In the middle is the video content captured from the webcam and application.
  2. Below the video is the filmstrip timeline editor which allows you to select sections to make cuts from the video. In the timeline, sections that have been cut out are grey, while existing sections show stills of the video. You will be able to see each video and audio track listed.
  3. Dragging the pink cursor along the timeline allows you to scrub through the video to locate your cutpoints, as well as shows your current position in the video playback.
image showing the video editor toolbar

Between the preview video and the filmstrip is the toolbar. The toolbar has the following items:

  1. Time entry: Use this field to enter an exact time to place the cursor on the entered time value.
  2. Zoom slider: Use the slider to zoom in and out on the filmstrip to allow for more accurate editing of longer videos.
  3. Help button: Click the help button to access help documentation and keyboard shortcuts.
  4. Undo button: Click this button to undo the most recent change.
  5. Redo button: Click this button to revert an undone action.
  6. Delete button: Use the delete button to delete the currently selected section
  7. Actions menu: Open the Actions menu for additional actions.
  8. Save button: Click the Save button to save changes.

Saving the file will affect all published instances of the selected media object.

Actions menu

Image showing the options in the Actions menu

When opening the Actions menu, you will see the following options:

  • Save As: Use the Save As option to create a new copy of the video.
  • Restore to Original: Use this option to restore the unedited version of the video.
  • Clear Unsaved Changes: This option will remove any changes made that have not been saved.
  • Set Thumbnail: Use this option to add a custom video thumbnail.
  • Add a Channel: Use this option to add an additional audio channel.