Viewing Conversion Exceptions

Some features in the Original Course View are not currently supported in the Ultra Course View. The Conversion Exceptions lists which items were removed from the Ultra course conversion process.

Viewing Conversion Exceptions

In the Details and Actions panel, locate Conversion Exceptions and click on Review all course exceptions to review which items were removed from the converted course

Viewing Conversion Detail Priority

Conversion changes are rated on a scale of Low, Medium, and High priority based on the level of impact the changes have on the course teaching area. To view conversion exceptions, click on View Exceptions under the priority level.

Viewing Conversion Details

You will now see a list of conversion exception items. To view more details, click on an item to expand it.

Instructors may disregard any conversion exceptions that mention Blackboard Collaborate Ultra or Echo360. This is a known issue that Blackboard will mark these as an exception and by design both applications operate as they should.