Calendar Settings

In this article instructors will learn how to manage the calendar settings for Blackboard Ultra Courses

This information is for Blackboard Ultra Course View, go to Original Course View.

Access to Calendar Settings

Access to calendar settings can only be done by using the left navigation pane.

Image of calendar tab on left navigation panel

Select Calendar on the left navigation pane.

Image of calendar settings

At the top right, select the gear icon for settings

Image of calendar settings course list

By default all of the calendars are selected. To no longer see events for that calendar item, deselect that item. Select or deselect the calendars to be displayed.

Image of more calendar settings

Blackboard provides a setting to Add a calendar or Share a calendar. This setting is not recommended as it only adds or shares a calendar of that time. If the calendar is added or shared, and then later updated, the added or shared calendar will not update.