Messages allows for quick access to the internal messaging tool across all courses.

Screenshot of Ultra Base Navigation Menu Items

Instructors will see a red notification with a number when new messages are waiting for them in a specific course.

Screenshot of course indicating an unread message

Select the unread message.

Screenshot of course messages

To view the message, select the Inbox link.

Screenshot of inbox

1. The envelop icon will show as closed if it has not been read.

2. The envelop icon will show as opened if it has already been read.

3. Select the link under SUBJECT to view the message.

Screenshot of view message

1. When viewing the message the options available are to Reply, Forward or Delete a message.

2. Select the drop down arrow to reply to a single recipient or reply to all recipients.

Screenshot of selecting recipients

1. Select the name of the person who will receive the message.

2.  Select the forward arrow to move it to the Recipients box.

3. Select all and select the forward arrow will move all names to the Recipients box.

Only those names in the Recipients box will receive the message.

Screenshot of body of message

1. Write in the body of the message.

2. Select Submit.