Editing Assignment Settings

This guide will demonstrate how to modify assignment settings in Blackboard Learn Ultra.

This is for Ultra Course View, go to Original Course View.

Accessing the Assignment

To edit your assignment:

  1. Locate the assignment you wish to edit and click on the [...] menu icon to the right of the assignment.
  2. Select Edit from the menu.

Modifying Assignment Settings

You will now see the assignment content and settings page. On the right, you can see highlighted settings for the assignment. If you wish to edit the settings, click the cog icon to the right of the Assignment Settings heading.

Overview of Assignment Settings

A panel will appear on the right where the assignment settings can be updated. The sections below will go into detail about each set of options.

Assignment Details and Information

This section allows you to modify the assignment details such as the due date and question

  1. Due Date: Enter the due date for the assignment here.
  2. Prohibit late submissions: Check this box to automatically submit assignment attempts that are in progress
  3. Prohibit new attempts after due date: Check this box to prevent students from starting new attempts after due date.
  4. Allow class conversations: Check this box to allow students to discuss the assignment within the course.

    (Options 5- 8 below are only available if the assignment contains questions)
  5. Display one question at a time: Check this option to display one question per page
  6. Prohibit backtracking: Check this option to prohibit changing questions that have already been answered
  7. Randomize questions: Check this option to randomize question order between attempts. Note: Items with text blocks or file attachments cannot be randomized.
  8. Randomize answers: Check this option to randomize the order of answer choices.
  9. Collect Submissions Offline: Use this option for assignments collected outside of Blackboard (e.g. assignments completed in class)

Note: Using the Collect Submissions Offline feature will disable the ability for students to upload documents online.

Grading and Submissions

The Grading and Submissions section is where grading options for the assignment can be changed.

  1. Grade Category: Select a grading category for the assignment.
  2. Attempts allowed: Select the number of times students can submit attempts for grading.
  3. Grade Using: Select whether to use points, percentages, or letter grades for grading the item.
  4. Maximum points: Specify the maximum points for the assignment here.
  5. Anonymous grading: Check this option to hide student names from graders.
  6. 2 Graders per student: Check this option to require student submissions to be evaluated by two graders
  7. Peer Review: Check this option to allow students to evaluate other students' work.
  8. Post assessment grades automatically: Check this option to release student scores automatically once their attempts are graded.

Assessment Results

Note: This section can only be modified if the assignment has questions in it.

This section allows you to modify how assessment results and feedback are shown to students.

  1. Submission View: Click here to change when students can view their submission attempt
  2. Automated Question Feedback: Click here to change when students are able to view feedback for individual questions.
  3. Question scores: Click here to change when students can view their score per question.
  4. Correct answers: Click here to change when students can view the correct answer responses.

Opening any of the links above will open the following screen:

Assessment Security

  1. Access Code: Click this option to require an access code to access the exam.  Blackboard will randomly generate a six-digit code for proctors or test administrators to enter on behalf of the student.
  2. Respondus Lockdown Browser: Click the link here to open the Lockdown Browser Dashboard.

Additional Options

  1. Time Limit: Click here to add a time limit for the assessment. Instructors can specify if students can continue past the time limit.
  2. Use Grading Rubric: Click here to add a rubric for the assessment. Note: Rubrics cannot be added for assessments with questions.
  3. Goals and Standards: Click here to assign goals and standards to the assessment.
  4. Assigned to Groups: Click this link to assign the assessment to student groups.
  5. Originality Report: Click this link to enable Safe Assign originality reports for the assessment.
  6. Description: Enter a description for the assessment here.
  7. When finished, click Save to update the assessment settings.