Creating an Essay Question

An Essay Question allows students to provide a long-form written response to a question. This guide will demonstrate how to create an Essay Question in an assessment in Blackboard Learn Ultra

This is for Ultra Course View, go to Original Course View.

Adding an Essay Question to a Test or Assignment

Image of an assessment canvas with an arrow and a 1 pointing to the dividing line between elements, and an arrow and a number 2 pointing to the Add Calculated Formula option in the content menu.

To add an Essay Question to the assessment canvas:

  1. Hover over the dividing line between elements and click on the + button.
  2. Select Add Essay Question from the menu.

Creating an Essay Question

Image showing an essay question being created iwth the following items: 1. Question Text 2. Point value. 3. Save button

To create an essay question:

  1. Enter the question in the text field provided.
  2. Enter the point value for the question
  3. Click the Save button to create the question.

The question will then be added to your assessment.