Creating a True/False Question

This guide will demonstrate how to create a True/False question in Blackboard Learn Ultra.

This is for Ultra Course View, go to Original Course View.

Adding a True/False Question to a Test or Assignment

Image of an assessment canvas with an arrow and a 1 pointing to the dividing line between elements, and an arrow and a number 2 pointing to the Add True/False Question option in the content menu.

To add a True/False Question to the assessment canvas:

  1. Hover over the dividing line between elements and click on the + button.
  2. Select Add Matching Question from the menu.

Creating a True/False Question

Screenshot showing the creation of a true/false question with the following items: 1. Question Text 2. Answer 3. Automated Feedback Slider. 4. Correct Answer Feedback field. 5. Incorrect Answer Feedback  field. 6. Point Value button 7. Save button

To create a True/False question:

  1. Question Text: Enter your question text in the question text field.
  2. Answer: Select whether the correct response is True or False.
  3. Automated Feedback: Click on the Automated Feedback slider to enable feedback to be displayed to students upon completing the exam.
  4. Correct Answer Feedback: Enter feedback to be shown when students select a the correct response to the question.
  5. Incorrect Answer Feedback: Enter the feedback to be shown when students select the incorrect response to the question.
  6. Point Value: Click on the Point Value to change the item's point value.
  7. Click Save to create the question.

Finishing Up

Image of a True/False Question

The image above shows how a True/False question appears within a Blackboard Learn Ultra Assessment.