Common Conversion Exceptions and Possible Conversion Issues

This article will discuss common conversion exceptions in Ultra course view and possible issues after converting to Ultra Course.

Common Conversion Exceptions

  • All unsupported font colors have been changed to black to ensure a sufficient contrast ratio for improved accessibility. 
  • Observer access isn’t supported at this time.  
  • Weighted total and total column in gradebook isn’t supported at this time and was removed. 
  • Can be created in Gradebook. 
  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra course links aren’t supported and were removed. 
  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is available under Details and Actions. 
  • Rubric convert but some formatting may have changed. 

Possible Conversion Issues

Modules with folders more than 3 deep may need to be rearranged. Can use Learning Modules and Module Folders in Ultra.