Journals Grades and Participation

This article will cover Journals Grades and Participation.

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This information is for Ultra Course View. Please visit Original Course View for Journals.

Image of gradewbook.

1. Select the Gradebook tab.

2. Select the Journal row.

Image of gradebook dashboard

1. Select the drop down for Student Status for All Student Statuses, No Entry or Entry Made.

2. Select the drop down for Grading Status for All Grading Status, Needs Grading, Needs Posting, Completed, or Nothing to Grade.

3. Select the row that needs grading to view the journal entry.

Image of students journal

1. Instructors can select the back or forward arrow to move to another student journal entry.

2. Select the oval to enter a grade.

3. Select the plus icon to enter feedback.

4. Select the 3 dots to edit feedback.

5. Type in an entry.

6. Select the 3 dots to edit or delete the entry.