Creating Ultra Groups

This article will cover how to create groups in Blackboard Learn Ultra.

You are viewing the Ultra Course View content, go to Orignal Course View page.

Image of groups tab

Select the Groups tab.

Image of import group set or new group set

1. Select Import Group Set using a CSV file.

2. Select New Group Set to create new groups.

Group Sets allow instructors to break the class into smaller student groups. Use the CSV template example in the Import Group Set tab.

custom groups

1. Type in a title for the new group set.

2. Select visible to students when ready to show the groups to students.

3. Select the drop down for Custom, Randomly assign or Self-enrollment.

Please note that Self-enrollment will not show up unless it is visible to students. If it is hidden from students, instructors will not be able to select Self-enrollment.

Grouping Students Using the Custom Feature

Image of creating new groups

1. Select the plus sign in a circle.

2. Give the group a title.

3. Select Save.

Once an instructor selects Save, the instructor will need to go back and edit the Custom groups.

Image of 3 dots and edit

Select the 3 dots and select Edit.

Image of 3 dots and group name

Select the 3 dots next to the students name and select the group to assign the student.

After assigning students to the groups, select Save.

Randomly Assign Student Groups

Image of randomly assign

Select Randomly assign.

Image of 3 groups

By default Blackboard creates groups and assigns students.

1. Select the plus sign in a circle to create another group.

2. Select the name of the group to give it a new title.

3. Select the 3 dots next to the students name to unassign it from a group or change to a different group.

5. Select Save.

Allow Students to Self Enroll in Groups

Image of self enrollment

Select Self-enrollment.

Image of self enroll settings

1. Type in the title of the new group set.

2. Provide a description of the group set.

3. Select an enrollment start and end date.

4. Select maximum members per group.

5. Hide enrolled members.

6. Search for students to add to a new group or to an existing group.

7. Select Save.