AI Auto-Generate Modules

This article will cover how to use Blackboards Ultra Course AI Design Assistant to auto-generate modules.

This is for Ultra Course View Only.

Image of auto genearte

In the Course Content tab, select the Auto-Generate Modules.

Image of generated modules

Blackboard will create a list of modules to choose from according to the name of the course.

1. Select 1 or more check boxes to choose modules. If you'd like different, or more specific modules, follow steps 2-7 below to generate different options:

2. Add a description or learning objectives.

3. Select a Title Prefix can choose by topic, unit, week, chapter, or module.

4. Keep the checkbox selected to include images. Deselect the checkbox to not include images.

5. Choose the level of complexity.

6. Select a number of modules.

7. To regenerate a new list of modules, select Generate.

8. Once the module check box is selected, select Add to Course.

Image of plus sign

The modules will appear in the course content tab. To create assignments, assessments, journals, discussion, or add any other content within the module select the plus sign.

Image of create

Select Create.

Image of a list of items to create

A list of content will appear on the right side of the page.