AI Auto-Generate Rubrics

This article will cover how to use Blackboard Learn Ultra's AI Design Assistant to auto-generate rubrics. For more information on creating Rubrics visit: Blackboard Ultra Course Rubrics.

This is for Ultra Course View Only.

Image of gear icon for settings

Navigate to the gear icon for settings.

Image of add grading rubric link

Under Additional Tools, select the Add grading Rubric link.

Image of generate

Select Generate.

Image of generated rubric and settings

1. Blackboard will auto-generate a rubric preview based on the assignment instructions.

2. Add a description of the rubric.

3. Rubric type can be set to percentage, percentage range, points, or points range.

4.  Use the slider to select complexity level.

5. Use the slider to set criteria columns from 2 to 5.

6. Use the slider to set criteria rows can from 2 to 7.

7. To regenerate a new rubric, select Generate.

8. Select Continue.

Image of rubric and save

After selecting continue, instructors can edit the Rubric. When completed, select Save.