Blackboard Learn Ultra Course Conversion

This guide will demonstrate how to convert your Learn Original Corse to the new Blackboard Learn Ultra interface

Once you have converted to the Ultra course experience, you will not be able to revert to the original course interface.

Course Conversion Checklist

Beginning the Conversion Process

Once you have the material ready in your course site, you will need to contact UToledo Online at [email protected] or 419-530-8835 to get your course ready for a conversion.

Converting your Course

Image of pencil icon

To start the course conversion process, click on the pencil icon at the top of the page.

Try out the Ultra Course View

Image of try ultra course view

You will see a dialog box appear on screen asking you to try out the Ultra Course View.  To convert your course, click the Try the Ultra Course View button.

Image of course being converted

You will then be taken to the main navigational menu. The course currently being converted will be greyed out with the status labeled as Converting...

You will receive an email message when the process is complete.

Previewing your Ultra Course

Image of Details and actions

You will now be able to preview your new course site. If you wish to keep the original course, choose the Back to Original Course and any changes made in Ultra will be deleted. If you wish to keep the Ultra Course click the Use the Ultra Course buttion.

Image of Use Ultra Course View

You will see a banner at the bottom asking if you wish to keep the Ultra Course View. To keep the Ultra View, click the Use the Ultra Course button.

When you are finished, check the Conversion Exceptions to review incompatible items.

Now that your course is converted to the Ultra Course View, visit How to Navigate Ultra Course View.

Blackboard Learn Ultra Course Conversion Video