Creating a Content Folder

This guide will demonstrate how to create a content folder in Blackboard Learn Ultra.

This information is for Blackboard Ultra Course View, go to Original Course View.

Creating a Content Folder, Part 1

Within the area you wish to create content:

  1. Hover over the line between content itens and click on the + icon
  2. Select Create From the menu.

Creating a Content Folder, Part 2

From the menu that opens on the right, select Folder.

Creating a Content Folder, Part 3

  1. In the top field, enter a name for the content folder.
  2. Use the dropdown menu to change the availability of the the content folder.
  3. Enter an item description in the field provided.
  4. When finished, click the Save button to save the changes made.

Adding Content to the Folder

To add content to the folder, click on the folder name and choose the option for the content you wish to add.