Create New Message

In this article, instructors will be able to create a new message.

This is for Ultra Course View, go to Original Course View.

Image of blackboard left navigation panel

Once logged into Blackboard, select the Messages tab on the left navigation panel.

Messages tab on the left navigation panel will indicate how many unread messages the instructor has. For more information, visit Message Notifications.

Image of messages and direct links to courses

1. Once in the messages tab, all courses will appear with a direct link to the course

2. Under the course link will indicate if there are any unread messages for that course.

3. Plus sign within the circle to create a new message.

Create a New Message

Image of plus sign in circle

Select the plus sign within a circle to create a new message.

Image of creating a message

1. Type in the name of the recipient and it will populate names of those enrolled in that course.

2. Select the check box if the message should send an email copy to their UT Rocket email.

3. By default, it is selected to allow replies sto this message. To disable replies, deselect the check box.

4. Type in the body of the message.

5. Select Send.