Creating a Matching Question within a Question Bank

A Matching question allows students to match pairs of correct answers. Additional distractors can also be added, or individuals can also be reused. This guide will demonstrate how to create a Matching question in Blackboard Learn Ultra.

This is for Ultra Course View, go to Original Course View.

Adding a Matching Question to a Question Bank

Image of an assessment canvas with an arrow and a 1 pointing to the dividing line between elements, and an arrow and a number 2 pointing to the Add Matching Question option in the content menu.

To add a Matching Question to the Question Bank:

  1. Hover over the dividing line between elements and click on the + button.
  2. Select Add Matching Question from the menu.

Creating a Matching Question

image showing matching question creation with the following numbered items: Question Text fieldPrompts: field on leftAnswers: field on rightAdditional Options: [···] button for options to reuse an answer choice or to delete a matching pair.Add Pair linkAdditional Answers fieldAdd Answer linkDelete trash can icon Scoring option dropdown menu. The available options are All or Nothing, or Allow Partial Credit.Automated Feedback slider Correct Response Feedback fieldIncorrect Response Feedback fieldPoint value for item in top right cornersave button in bottom right corner

Upon selecting Add a Matching Question, you will see a screen similar to the one above.

  1. Question Text: Enter the question text for your matching question here.
  2. Prompts: Enter the terms to show to students in the left column
  3. Answers: Enter the responses you would like students to match with the given terms
  4. Additional Options: Click on the [···] button for options to reuse an answer choice or to delete a matching pair.
  5. Add Pair: Click on Add Pair to add additional prompt/answer pairs to the matching question.
  6. Additional Answers (optional): If you wish to add unpaired distractor answers, you can enter those answers here.
  7. Add Answer: Click on the Add Answer link to add additional unpaired answer choices.
  8. Delete: Click on the trash can icon to delete an unpaired answer
  9. Scoring options: Use the dropdown menu to determine how to score the matching question. The available options are All or Nothing, or Allow Partial Credit.
  10. Automated Feedback: Click on the slider to allow response feedback to be shown to students.
  11. Correct Response Feedback: Enter feedback for correct responses in the space provided.
  12. Incorrect Response Feedback: Enter feedback to be displayed for incorrect responses here
  13. Points: Click on the Points box in the upper right hand corner to modify the question point value.
  14. When finished, click the Save button to create the matching question.

Finishing Up

image of a multiple choice question in learn ultra

Once you have created a matching question, it will appear at the desired insertion point.