Creating a Matching Question

This guide will demonstrate how to create a Matching Question in Blackboard.

As of 1/12/2023, there is a known issue related to Matching Questions with additional distractors added. If additional distractors are added (unpaired response choices), those responses will not be visible to students, and the number of responses shown is equal to the number of questions to be answered. There is no workaround for this issue. As such, users should avoid using additional distractors, and only provide an equal number of question and answer pairs when creating matching questions.

Selecting a Question Type

With the Test Canvas open, Click on Create Question and select Matching from the menu.

Entering the Question Information

To create a Matching question:

  1. Question Title: Enter a title for the question (optional)
  2. Question Text: Enter your question here.
  3. Allow Partial Credit: Check this option to allow credit for partially correct submissions.
  4. Allow
  5. Answer numbering: Use the dropdown menu to change how the answer choices are numbered.

Entering the Answer information

  1. Number of Questions: Use the menu to change the number of question/answer pairs to create
  2. Update Partial Credit Percentage: Click this button to update partial credit percentages if you make changes
  3. Question: Enter the question portion of the question/answer pair here
  4. Answer: Enter the answer portion of the question/answer pair here.
  5. Partial Credit: Enter the desired partial credit percentage for each question/answer pair. Partial credit must add to 100%.
  6. Remove: Click the Remove button to delete a question/answer pair.
  7. Reuse answer choice: Check the checkbox to reuse a previous answer from another question/answer pair.
  8. Add unmatched answer choices: Select the number of unmatched choices to add, and enter the unmatched choices.

Specifying the Answer Order

Under Answer Order, you can choose the order in which answers are displayed to students. The options are as follows:

  • Randomly (recommended)
  • Manually (all students will see the same answer order; drag the answers in the order you wish for them to be displayed to students.

Entering Feedback and Category Information

  1. Correct Response Feedback: Enter feedback to be shown to students when students respond correctly.
  2. Incorrect Response Feedback: Enter feedback to be shown to students when students respond incorrectly.
  3. Categories and Keywords: Click the Add button to add tags for Categories, Topics, Levels of Difficulty, and Keywords.
  4. Instructor Notes: Enter any notes in this field here. Only instructors can view information entered here.
  5. Cancel: Click Cancel to discard the question
  6. Submit and Create Another: Click this button to save the question and create another question of the same type.
  7. Submit: Click this button to save the question and return to the test canvas.


The question you created will now appear on the test canvas. Click the Points value to change the number of points.