Using SafeAssign in Learn Ultra

This guide will demonstrate how to use SafeAssign in Learn Ultra to evaluate student submissions for plagiarized content. SafeAssign can evaluate attached files, as well as text responses for essay questions. Additional information about SafeAssign can be found on Blackboard's site.

This guide is for the Ultra Course View

Enabling SafeAssign for Assignments in Learn Ultra

image showing the option menu for an assignment in Learn Ultra

To enable SafeAssign for an assignment or test:

  1. Click on the ellipsis button to the right of the assessment you wish to enable SafeAssign
  2. Select Edit from the menu.

Enabling SafeAssign

Image showing assignment settings panel in Learn Ultra

You will now see the assignment on screen.

  1. On the right is the Assignment Settings panel.
  2. Select Enable SafeAssign under the Originality Report heading.

SafeAssign Options

Image of Assignment Options sidebar showing SafeAssign Options

A panel on the right will open up labeled Assignment Options:

  1. Enable SafeAssign: Click on the slider to enable SafeAssign plagiarism detection.
  2. Check the first checkbox to allow students to view the SafeAssign Originality Report.
  3. Check the second checkbox to exclude submissions from the Institutional and Global Reference Databases.
  4. When finished click the Save button to save your changes.