AI Auto-Generate Test Banks from Ultra Documents

This article will cover how to use Blackboards AI Design Assistant to create auto-generated test banks from an Ultra Document.

This is for Ultra Course View only.

Image of auto-generate question bank link

Once a Blackboard Ultra Document has been created, select the Auto-generate question bank.

Image of auto-generated questions and settings

Blackboard will aut-generate questions according to the text in the Ultra Document. Use the checkboxes to select 1 or more questions.

1. Select a question type, inspire me will use all question types or choose  essay, fill in the blank, matching, multiple choice, or true/false.

2. Use the slider to select the level of complexity.

3. Use the slider to select number of questions from 1 - 10.

4. To regenerate a new list of questions, select Generate.

After using the checkboxes to select questions,

5. Select Add to Question Bank.

Image of go to bank link

Blackboard will add questions to the question bank and provide a link, select Go To Bank to access all test banks.

Once questions banks are created, Instructors can also manage Blackboard Ultra Test Banks.