Creating a Question Pool

A question pool allows a predetermined number of questions to be displayed randomly to students from a set of questions. This guide will demonstrate how to build a question pool within an assessment in Blackboard Learn Ultra.

If an assessment contains text elements, file attachments, or page breaks; question randomization is not available. Question Pools allow an alternative to randomize questions in assessments with these elements.

Adding a Question Pool to a Test or Assignment

Image of an assessment canvas with an arrow and a 1 pointing to the dividing line between elements, and an arrow and a number 2 pointing to the Add question Pool option in the content menu.

To add a question pool:

  1. Hover over the dividing line between elements and click on the + buttons.
  2. Select the Add Question Pool option from the menu.

Selecting Question Pool Questions

Image of the add question pool screen with the following items: 1. Filter Button 2. Filter Criteria Panel. 3. Questions and selection buttons. 4. Add Questions button.

You will now see a screen labeled Add Question Pool. To select questions:

  1. Filter: Click this button to open and close the Filter Criteria panel.
  2. Filter Criteria: Use the Filter Criteria panel to search or filter the displayed questions by source or question type.
  3. Check the checkboxes to the left of the questions you wish to reuse.
  4. Add Questions: Click the Add Questions button to copy the selected questions into the current assignment.

Finishing Up

Image of a question pool with the following items: 1. Number of questions to be displayed to student field. 2. Point Value Field. 3. Save button

The question pool will now appear on screen.

  1. Number of questions to display to students: Enter the number of questions you would like to show to students in the provided field.
  2. Point value: Click on the point value in the upper right hand corner to update the point value for each question.
  3. When finished, click Save.
completed question pool

Once completed, the question pool will appear in your assessment canvas.