Importing/Installing a Course Cartridge

Course Cartridges are professionally designed instructional materials that are often provided by a publisher and made available in conjunction with the adoption one of their texts. To incorporate these materials into your course site, Course Cartridges require a "key" to "unlock" the content. Download Keys are available from the publisher of the cartridge.

Please note that a "Cartridge ID" is not the same thing as a "Download Key;" however, the publisher may need this number to locate the cartridge.

Step 1 - Bring up the Import Course Cartridge Screen

Step 1 - Bring up the Import Course Cartridge Screen

Choose Import Course Cartridge from the Packages and Utilities drop-down menu in the Control Panel. You should now see the Import Course Cartridge screen as shown below.

Step 2 - Enter the Download Key

  1. Enter the Course Cartridge Download Key in the textbox provided.
  2. Then click the Submit button.

Your Cartridge has been queued for download

You should not get a message near the top of your screen informing you that you Cartridge content has been queued for download into your course site and that you will be notified by campus email when the process has been completed. The amount of time this take can vary considerably depending on server activity--but usually take only a few minutes to complete.