Creating a Multiple Choice Question

A multiple choice question allows student sto pick from a set of pre-selected responses. This guide will demonstrate how to create a multiple choice question in Blackboard Learn Ultra.

This is for Ultra Course View, go to Original Course View.

Adding a Multiple Choice Question to a Test or Assignment

Image of an assessment canvas with an arrow and a 1 pointing to the dividing line between elements, and an arrow and a number 2 pointing to the Add Multiple Choice Question option in the content menu.

To add a Multiple Choice Question to the assessment canvas:

  1. Hover over the dividing line between elements and click on the + button.
  2. Select Add Multiple Choice Question from the menu.

Creating a Multiple Choice Question

Screenshot showing multiple choice question creation with the following items: 1. Question Text field 2. Answers text field3.Correct Answer checkboxes 4. Reorder arrow 5 .Delete: (trash can) icon 6. Automated Feedback slider 7. Correct Answer Feedback field 8. Incorrect Answer Feedback field 9. Points in upper right corner 10. Save button in lower right corner

You will see an image similar to the one above:

  1. Question Text: Enter your question text in the field provided.
  2. Answers: Enter each answer choice in its respective field
  3. Correct Answer: Check the checkbox to the right of the answer(s) you wish to mark as correct.
  4. Reorder: Click on the up and down arrows to reorder answer choices
  5. Delete: Click on the trash can icon to delete an answer choice
  6. Automated Feedback: Click the slider to enable automated feedback to be displayed to students
  7. Correct Answer Feedback: Enter feedback to be shown to students for correctly selected answer choices.
  8. Incorrect Answer Feedback: Enter feedback to be shown to students for incorrect responses.
  9. Points: Click on the Points value to change the point value for the question.
  10. Click the Save button to create the question.

Finishing Up

Image of a multiple choice question in learn ultra

Once you have saved your multiple choice question, it will appear similar to the image above.